Tournament in a Box is one of the only Cloud/Desktop Hybrid softare packages for running tournaments.  That means you don't need the internet to run your event!  If you've run events for years you know highschool and other venues have unpreictable wifi.  Dont trust your event to a high school gym's wifi!  Online registration is downloaded into the offline client, and from there you are able to print charts, credentials and run the scorebords.  However if you have the IT infrastructure you can create a wifi LAN, or use the our private cloud to do push to ring, paging, and a myriad of other advanced features.

If you're like most of today's business people you use Microsoft Office.  Tournament In A Box, (TIAB) leverages your existing skills and tightly integrates Microsoft Office solutions like Excel, Word, and Access into a single, powerful application.  But don't worry if you don't currently own Microsoft Office you won't need it to run TIAB!

Users of Excel will find recognize a familiar interface of datasheets within TIAB.


You can cut and paste directly from TIAB into Excel on many important screens to quickly manipulate data for your own custom reports and archiving purposes.  You will also notice the overall modern interface of the software, no need to run archaic systems with tickertape menus or trees, TIAB fully utilizes the Microsoft Ribbon featured in Windows 10, and Office 2019.  It's the GUI (Graphical User Interface) you are used to already!

Whether you are running a small intermural dojo tournament or a tournament of over 2000 competitors and 50 countries, TIAB has the flexibility to adapt to your event.


  • Chart Divisions (unlimited competitors)
  • Electronic Scoring Support for tablets (WKF v9 Olympic Ruleset) and Regular Kobudo E-Scoring 3/5/7 Officials
  • AAU / WUKF / WKF / USA Karate Rules Set support (standalone or cloud based integration)
  • Charts support seeding, and balancing algorithms
  • Full Color, Highly Visible Electronic Scoreboards
  • Data Entry Wizards For Competitor Entry
  • Online Registration
  • Multi-User Capable, Network Ready
  • Print Credentials, and Back Numbers
  • Customizable Charts
  • Wide Array of Reports
  • Track Results and Print Records
  • Realtime Staging, View Tournament Overview Easily
  • Realtime Ring Management and Competitor Advancement
  • Full Access Control Layer, Control User Permissions Easily
  • Real Word Proven Reliabilty having run the largest WKF style Events in the World with Over 2400 Unique competitors with over 400 on site registrations!
  • Import Registrations and Divisions Lists Directly From Excel
  • Extensive User Interface
  • Per-Menu Control
  • Modern Ribbon Menu Bar
  • Intuitive Interface (most people can learn the system in 30 minutes or less!)
  • Tournament Setup Is Easy With Included Wizards
  • Tabbed Form Browsing Allows Power Users To Be More Productive
  • Webcam Support for Any VFW Device (We recommend Logitech)