We think Tournament In a Box is quite simply the best tournament management software on the market but don't take our word for it.  Here are a few testimonials from some professional tournament directors in the United States:

I have had the fortune of acting as a beta testing site for the TournamentInaBox software and I've used it for the past six years. Our Mid-Atlantic Karate Championships is one of the best run tournaments on the East Coast thanks to TournamentInaBox. From on-line registrations the information is uploaded to our computer, charts the divisions and shoots it straight to the ring. Last minute ring changes are not a problem since the software communicates directly with the table scorekeepers. Plus, the electronic scoreboard is awesome! Officials, competitors and spectators can see the score, time, penalties on the big screen anytime during the match. TournamentInaBox has really made our event look like it is run by state-of-the-art professionals. After all, it is used by USA Karate, the NGB of Karate, for the National Karate Championships and the USA Open.

--Darren Myers Tournament Director Mid-Atlantic Karate Championships


We just wanted to thank and congratulate you for the use of your outstanding product. The “Tournament In a Box” software you developed was a joy to use. It is put together well, user friendly, well thought out, compatible and very well supported with room for further growth and development with the ever changing atmosphere. Your commitment to traditional Karate shines in you and your software. Your efforts to ease the burden of running a tournament is greatly appreciated. We see this not only on the local level but also the National and International level. We wish you all the best with continued success at every level. Congratulation once again, looking forward to working together with you at the Nationals. Keep up the good work, you truly make a difference.

--Bernard & Yuki Dougherty Kobayashi Dojo, Inc.


Tournament in Box is a fantastic program that is essential to running a smooth and professional tournament. The thing that sets this program apart is how easy it is to make adjustments to fit your tournament needs. When you email Tournament in a Box, you get a response right away. Whatever questions or concerns you may have they are addressed right away. For me, that's what will keep me a loyal customer.

--Mina Yamazaki Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai


I would recommend Tournament in a Box to anyone holding a tournament! If you are fortunate enough to hire an onsite tournament director to manage it, I know your day will be short and smooth.

--Doug Jepperson, Park City Karate